Press Clipping
Scroggins & Rose - Curios

A duo comprised of Tristan Scroggins and Alisa Rose, the pair bring just violin and mandolin to the affair, where firm folk, bluegrass and classical influences are present amid their dynamic chemistry on this intimate and adventurous effort.

“Marvel” starts the album with incredible string acrobatics between the two on the sophisticated yet playful opener, and “Wisconsin Wayside” continues the landscape with much emotion in the graceful, heartfelt delivery.

Halfway through, “Bubbliicious” flows with a bouncy quality to the upbeat tune, while “#stolenmoments” brings a reflective tone to the classically influenced atmosphere. “The French Cowboy”, which was inspired by French Impressionism and displays Western African nods, is one of the album’s best, as it twinkles with a chamber music appeal and plenty of well thought out musicianship.

At the end, “Jackelope” shines bright with some Americana influenced picking that few could replicate, and “Maren’s Lullaby” exits the listen gently with sublime beauty that leaves an impression that lasts long after the music stops.

Rose has already been Grammy nominated, and it wouldn’t surprise me if this album sees plenty of praise, too, as the pair deliver fascinating storytelling despite using no words in their unique and exciting formula.

Travels well with: Balsam Range- The Gospel Collection; Hot Buttered Rum- Lonesome Panoramic