Press Clipping
Scroggins and Rose

Bluegrass and Roots music has its explorers, string band versions of Lewis and Clark, players ready to put traditional Bluegrass and Folk on the backburner while turning up the heat on the front-burner with musical exploration. Throw Scroggins & Rose into that new frontier; Tristan Scroggins came up playing alongside his banjo playing dad, handling mandolin duties with Jeff Scroggins & Colorado. Alisa Rose comes to the project a Grammy nominated violinist who adapts to both Classical and Roots music. Scroggins & Rose are both prominent pickers in the music festival scene. As a duo, they recently dropped Curios, an ever-searching release that can be both morning mellow or after-dark swinger.
“Marvel” opens Curios with playful mandolin, where steady picking lays a foundation that supports the fiddle melody, before both instruments swap roles. “Stellar Sea” is moody and comfortably worn, a perfect piece of music for a historical score, transitioning into the note heavy, loaded with technique “Anxiety Jig”. “Bubblicious” has an animated bounce, “French Cowboy” is mellow and faint, but just enough to be your theme for walking down a weird alley in France, and “Jackalope” pulls from the new-grass textbook, where instrument meandering weaves between around a big hook and everything stops on a dime. Curios finds acoustic Roots blending into Blues, Blues into Jazz, a text book example of the genre shifting new-grass is known for. Scroggins & Rose are welcome players on the team, Curios a perfect display for their chops.